Our team of geologists has gained wide experience since 2009. We drilled boreholes for construction of railways and stations in the Western Kazakhstan, carried out surveys for designing of tailings storage facilities and dumps in the Central Kazakhstan, worked under hard conditions in Astana where geological profiles include variegated soils and under hard seismic conditions in Almaty. Complex and non-standard projects, as well as projects to be carried out according to Eurocodes are of interest to us. Our specialists speak English and we are able to implement projects according to European or North American ASTM standards. Our geologists are considered to be among the best in the labor market. It may sound pompously, but it is true. We try to engage the best ones, as the cost of a geotechnical error is high. We value this team and constantly try to raise their technical competence. Our geologists study sophisticated software proposals and advanced methods of in situ soil tests. Our own accredited laboratory has the latest developments in triaxial compression, uniaxial compression / tension tests and automated compression instruments. The Geotechnical Department development is focused on the study of soils behaviour and impact that buildings under construction have on the geological subbase. In our geotechnical laboratory, we obtain soil data that ,may be used in modern stability analysis software such as Plaxis or Midas.

Projects where we have been involved in:



Engineering surveys within the framework of “Rehabilitation of Kacharsky open-pit involving the southern section of the deposit by increasing the open-pit output to 26 million tons of ore per year” Project


Geotechnical surveys within the framework of “Rehabilitation of tailings storage facilities of Aktobe Copper Company LLP to ensure operation until 2030” Project




Engineering surveys within the framework of projects:

1.     Improvement of the process of treatment of sludge tailings of Donskoy Concentrator Slime – 2

2.     Construction of tailings flotation area of a sludge treatment plant

Construction of sludge treatment plant, Donskoy Concentrator, Khromtau




Engineering surveys within the framework of projects:

1.     Construction of a gold processing plant with an output of 3 million tons per year for gold ore treatment on the basis of the existing Aksu Mine Gold Processing Plant

2.     Construction of a crushing and grading plant and a mechanical repair shop at the Dolinnoye deposit

3.     Construction of the Dolinnoye Gold Processing Plant using CIP technology

4.     Construction of a new plant with an output of 2 million tons of ore within the territory of the Pustynnoye Gold Processing Plant using CIP technology

5.     Increase of throughput capacity of the Pustynnoye Gold Processing Plant up to 3 million tonnes of ore per year for combined ore processing

“Expansion (renovation) of existing tailing storage facility to a distance up to the end of the Bozshakol deposit mining”




Geotechnical surveys and mapping within the framework of “Construction of 50 MW Solar Power Plant” Project




Geotechnical surveys and mapping within the framework of “Construction of 100 MW and 50 MW Wind Farms” Project




Geotechnical survey within the framework of “Construction of Integrated Gas Chemical Complex (IGCC) in the Atyrau Region” Project




Geotechnical and engineering-hydrogeological surveys for “Aktogay Expansion Project”




Geotechnical and topographical surveys for

“Construction of a 50 MW Wind Farm in the Shelek Corridor” Project




Geotechnical surveys for the design and construction of a tailing storage facility and a storage pond of the concentrator for extraction and processing of polymetallic ores of the Alaigyr Deposit


Geotechnical surveys and mapping within the framework of “Construction of new railway tracks along the route: Beineu – Bozoi station, with a total length of 250 km” Project




Geotechnical surveys and mapping at “Almaty 1 – Otar (incl.) railway section for development of a detailed design for Facility “Construction of second tracks on Almaty 1 – Shu ” railway section




Geotechnical surveys for the first, second, third and fourth (main) start-up facilities of the Integrated Chemical Complex under ‘”Production of glyphosphate (herbicide) and “Production of phosphorus trichloride” in the Chemical Park Taraz FEZ” Project




Geotechnical surveys within the framework of “New transport system of the city of Astana LRT (a section from the airport to the new railway station, 22.4 km)” Project


2011 Geotechnical surveys at the stage of Feasibility Study for “Construction of Astana-Almaty high-speed railway line” facility

In addition to day-to-day operations, our company initiated establishment of association of legal entities “Kazakhstan Association of Geotechnical Companies”. The Association aimed to unite large operating geotechnical enterprises and address industrial issues of immediate concern through joint efforts. We consider this to be an important activity, though it does not yield a profit. This activity is effective in the long run and will be fruitful over the years. We expect to improve the quality of construction in Kazakhstan by addressing issues such as introduction of mandatory expert review of geotechnical survey reports, introduction of categories in the licenses of geological companies and other initiatives. Every effort of the Association is aimed at improvement of construction quality, so that our children would be able to live in high-quality houses and study in durable school buildings.

Why choose us?

– We conduct tests in our own laboratory, this allows us to control the process fully and monitor the quality of results;

– We conduct soil tests using field test methods; such tests as SPT, CPTu, DPT, PLT that provide a complete picture of geotechnical conditions on a construction site;

– We prefer complex projects and plunge headlong into the search for a solution to the problem;

– We carry out work according to Eurocodes, as well as European and North American ASTM standards;

– We always esteem our clients and make pleasant presents))