One of our main areas of focus is prospecting drilling for solid minerals.


We offer three types of drilling:

– Core drilling up to 800 metres deep. Boyles C6 machine is used, year of manufacture: 2021;

– RC drilling up to 200 metres deep. SP4500A-RC with Johnson riffle is used;

– Core drilling with hydraulic core lifter up to 100 metres deep. URB 2A2 machine is used.


Despite the fact that all equipment is in excellent working condition, we have created a warehouse for spare parts and drilling tools in preparation for sudden breakdown situation. An experienced driller is well aware that even new equipment can fail at the most crucial moment. Therefore, we made such a decision and this idea worked. We always focus on the quality of management in the course of work. We have created a convenient client relationship system where the client is always updated about the work process and receives regular reporting. We have also introduced an up-to-date project management method that helps to track the project at any given time. In addition, we pay special attention to occupational safety. Our drillers always use personal protective equipment. We believe that the quality of project management directly affects the success of the project.