The portal is the first and only database of geotechnical surveys in the Republic of Kazakhstan. is part of the Alidada group of companies. mission is “to establish the user-friendly geotechnical information database and make it available to everyone”

The main criteria for better quality of construction are the reliability and adequacy of results of geotechnical surveys. Besides, at the start of construction, availability of materials and previous surveys’ data (archival materials) are important for both the Designer and the Surveyor. The availability of previous surveys’ data for the area to be developed makes it possible to describe the current geological processes more accurately. But the main problem with archival materials is that they are not currently collected in a single fund. To meet the challenge of establishing the unified fund of materials for geotechnical surveys, we have created the innovative product – “ – Engineering Geology of Kazakhstan”.


Advantages of the project:

– Geotechnical data being collected throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– Boreholes of geotechnical surveys drilled from 1991 to present;

– Monthly updating of data;

– Prompt receipt of information in a couple of clicks;

– Complete information on a borehole: borehole location, year and method of drilling, diameter of drilling, borehole depth; borehole log with description of a geotechnical section; laboratory soil test data; field soil test data (SPT, DPT, CPT).


This product was created for special benefit of design companies, design institutes, construction companies; real estate developers; companies engaged in geotechnical surveys, as well as for research purposes, for higher educational establishments (universities, etc.).