Our specialists have wide experience in supporting the construction of highways, construction of plants and special industrial facilities.


We focus on two main tasks:

  1. Maintain high accuracy when setting out the project;
  2. Well-timed issuance of as-built survey documents.


To accomplish the first task, we use high-precision geodetic equipment with an angular error of 1 second. If necessary, we also use a level and a dual-frequency GPS receiver.

For well-timed issuance of as-built documents, our team of surveyors has implemented and is using a project management system. Thanks to the task manager and the project management system, at any time we clearly know what process will begin on construction site and when this process will begin and what work we need to do in order not to delay the construction. As a result, our team of surveyors always develops and issues the required documentation before the deadline. If the client has the updated construction schedule, then we synchronize our processes and tasks with the main schedule, and as a result, everything works like a Swiss clock. Then the work goes smoothly, without delays, if deviations appear, then they are eliminated in a split second. As a result, the following companies work with us:

In addition, we pay special attention to occupational safety. Our surveyors always use personal protective equipment. We believe that the quality of project management directly affects the success of the project.