Our team of hydrogeologists performs hydrogeological work related to the assessment of groundwater resources, stability, water quality and water supply. Our clients are mainly ore mining plants and industrial sector.


We carry out the following types of work:

– Development of hydrogeological survey projects;

– Drilling of hydrogeological boreholes including geophysical well logging;

– Groundwater inflow testing;

– Installation of piezometers;

– Laboratory works;

– Preparation of Hydrogeological Surveys Report.


We always focus on the quality of management in the course of work. We have created a convenient client relationship system, where the client is always updated about the work process and receives regular reporting. We have also introduced an up-to-date project management method that helps to track the project at any given time. In addition, we pay special attention to occupational safety. Our drillers always use personal protective equipment. We believe that the quality of project management directly affects the success of the project.