Alidada is a place where employees unleash their potential.

We believe in people and that each person has a special talent that must be found and discovered. I’ll tell you a little about us. Our team consists of people who are not willing to put up with mediocrity. We create and develop projects that benefit society and develop ourselves. We value the individuality of each team member. Within the team, we turn to you, it helps to be closer to each other. We keep a creative attitude in the team and do not allow negativists to come to us. When selecting a person for a team, we select those people who are soul in their profession, people with burning eyes and close to us in spirit. In order to assemble a really cool team, we often have to refuse the “stars” of our business and look for those people among whom you will feel like in the company of friends. In the company of such friends, you develop and you can initiate and develop projects that are interesting to you. Among creatively thinking people, you yourself are charged with energy and are ready to share it with others. We ourselves get high from the fact that we are surrounded by such people, people who are not ready to put up with mediocrity, people who do great things.

Our values ​​are FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

– We give freedom to develop and manifest our strengths;

– We give freedom of choice and welcome initiatives of colleagues who develop and improve or change their position;

– We value freedom of speech and always accept feedback from colleagues, it allows us to become better. Any employee can give feedback to his colleague, this is always welcome;

– We value fair treatment of colleagues and clients.

There are also things that we DO NOT ACCEPT:

– assignment of the results of the team’s work;

– double standards in relation to employees;

– shifting responsibility or avoiding it;

– authoritarian and aggressive communication style;

– intrigue.

If our values ​​are close to you and you see yourself in our team – welcome !! Please do not hesitate to send us your resume. Believe me, you are special, perhaps we are just looking for you. See you at the interview

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