if you are in this section, it most likely means that that you take no interest in reading about the quality of our product and about how cool we are. Therefore, let’s get straight to the point. This section was created for special benefit of the Purchaser, therefore, it will be concise and to the point:

  • If you have a Technical Brief and you need a Fee Proposal, please send the Technical Brief and your contacts at e-mail address: sales@alidada.kz. We will immediately start estimation, and if you have any questions, we will contact you.
  • If you have no Technical Brief, but you need to know prices, we are ready to help you to draft a Technical Brief and advise you on the types and scopes of work. Please call at +7 (727) 349-30-57.

In order to avoid confusion, let’s take a look at what Alidada consists of.

Legally, we act on behalf of AlmatyGeoCentre, Engeo.kz and Geo-Alidada companies.

They all belong to the Alidada brand and work in different fields.

Geo-Alidada carries out geodetic works; AlmatyGeoCenter implements geological-prospecting projects and Geotechnical projects;

Engeo.kz implements geoinformational projects.